The RESULT Study
REmote SUpport for Low-Carbohydrate Treatment of type 2 diabetes
RESULT Eligibility Assessment
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Please answer all questions in this questionnaire.
The questions will help determine if you are eligible to take part in the RESULT study.
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Your GP ID can be found on your invitation letter in the top right corner.
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Date of completion
What is your age?
Do you have type 2 diabetes that was diagnosed within the past 6 years?
What is your height?
Units :
What is your weight?
Units :
Which ethnic background do you identify with?
(We ask this question as the body mass index ranges are different for different groups)
Do you have access to smartphone, tablet or computer that you would be willing and able to use during this study?
(Defined: Devices with internet access and able to download an 'app' or run a web-based program)
Are you currently following a structured, prescribed and monitored weight loss plan?
(Defined: Like 'Slimming World' or 'Weight Watchers', or a 'soups and shakes' diet; this does not include efforts to change your diet yourself, without outside help or resources)
Please provide details:
Are you currently prescribed and using insulin to treat your diabetes?
Are you pregnant?
Are you planning to become pregnant within the next 12 months?
Are you currently breastfeeding?
Have you ever had weight loss surgery?
(e.g. A gastric band or gastric bypass)
Have you had a heart attack or a stroke in the last 3 months?
Are you currently receiving active treatment for cancer?
(Defined: Chemotherapy or radiotherapy - this does not include skin cancers, or people on long-term hormone treatment e.g. after breast cancer treatment)
Would you be willing to make changes to your diet to improve your diabetes control, lose weight or improve your general health?
RESULT Eligibility Assessment v1.0 19-03-2021
REC Number: 21/WM/0101, IRAS Number: 295974, Chief Investigator: Prof Paul Aveyard